Practice the Art of Living with Fomu’s L’art de vivre Lounge Chair

Mid-century French design had a strong focus on sculptural and artistic elements, and you’ll definitely notice its influence on the design of Fomu’s L’art de vivre (the art of living) lounge chair. Rather than simply existing for functional purposes, it’s about the minimal design speaking to people who interact with it.

The Melbourne-based company used both timber and upholstery with sustainable elements in the manufacturing of the L’art de vivre lounge chair. The solid oak timber panel frame is sourced through selective harvesting, which allows plants to naturally regenerate, and is sealed with a plant-based wax/oil that uses sunflower, soya, linseed, and thistle oils.

The bouclé upholstery is a mix of wool and cotton sustainably sourced from wool producers in Australia and New Zealand before being woven in Biella, Piedmont. The area has a high calcium content in their water, which naturally gives the fabric a cozy softness without the use of excessive chemicals.

You can purchase the L’art de vivre Lounge Chair directly from Fomu.

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