If You Think You Understand Cannabis, Then This Might Change Your Mind

The Top-Rated Means of Using the Cannabis Stems

For those who grow their marijuana for use, they will claim that the stem is a useless part which they end up throwing. The parts that the people claim to be of importance will be the buds and the leaves and when they remove this from the cannabis plant, they then throw away the stems thinking that it has no value. It is necessary to consider using them so that you will exhaust everything for the herb that you have nurtured. You have some ways in which you can prepare the marijuana stems for your benefit. By going through the info in this website, you will discover more about the importance different uses of the marijuana stems.

One way in which you can use the stems from the hemp is by using it to brew tea. It is useful for those who will be suffering from insomnia or those who will have no sleep at night. In this case, you will need to use a fat-saturated product such as coconut oil when you need to have the impact of the marijuana in your body or the used water for the flavor the marijuana in your tea. You first need to toast the stems in an oven at a low temperature, for 15 minutes then raise the temperature and toast for 45 minutes. As the coconut oil heats, grind the stems, and then let them simmer in the oil for 7 minutes. You can then strain the mixture and add to it brewed tea, then drink.

The other way is to use the cannabis stems to create wicks for your candles. Select the longest of the stems for use. Strip them apart using a small knife until you obtain fibers that easy to bend Twist these fibers to have the thickness that you desire. The wick will then be dipped in beeswax and leave it to set. You can then light it, and the smoke will be of benefit to you if you are a weed smoker.

The next use for the weed stems is to make paper products. The stems will be viewed as waste by most people until they learn of the importance of the stems in the making of paper. To do this, you should have the marijuana stems and some paper scraps soaked in a bowl with water for and leave it to rest overnight. You can then blend these. You will then need to pour the mixture you have blended on a screen to let it dry. Take the paper from the screen, hang it up to further the drying and later trim it into the right sizes for your use.