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President Lyndon Johnson (D), deeply involved concerning the number of Americans making due without indoor plumbing, primary well being care, or enough food, had already launched his Great Society social programs, aimed at eliminating poverty and racial injustice. He pioneered Head Begin for preschool children, the beginnings of both Medicare and Medicaid, and an Economic Opportunity Act. Over the subsequent decade, these programs helped slice the share of Americans dwelling in poverty from about 22 p.c to simply underneath 14 p.c.

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What amazes me about him is how he resists being a jerk. I discover that participating in these open conversations drives me in direction of jerk-hood. It does most people. Politicians especially. Obama does an amazing job of resisting that, and I think it is the source of a lot of his appeal. As a result of most of us (jaked excluded) aren’t really jerks, we’re simply worked up, and do not really like being labored up. Who are these people so involved about Obama’s commotment to Israel? Even much of Israel’s opwn population needs the settlements stopped. Obama is going to drive a wedge betwen Netanyahu and the Israeli peace movement and force the appropriate-wing SOB out of office.