Grab Hold of Foscarini’s Tobia Lamp

Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani is the mind behind the clever Tobia lamp created for Foscarini, a minimal and geometric light source with a standout statement “handlebar” that invites you to grab hold. Tobia’s eye-catching focal point can be used to easily move the slender, compact floor lamp version around, inviting you to be a nomad in your own space. The wall version emits light from both ends of its loop – upward a powerful beam, downward soft accent lighting – making it possible to accommodate a wide range of lighting needs at home.

“Tobia is an example of how simplicity can have character. The lightness of a sign that becomes object, almost like a child’s drawing that outlines a body and a form to narrate a function. I’ve been intending to do this project for a long time,” said Laviani.

Designer Ferruccio Laviani

Both versions of Tobia are made from liquid-coated metal and aluminum. They’re available in white, black, fluo yellow, fluo orange, and gold (wall lamp only).

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