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Practice the Art of Living with Fomu’s L’art de vivre Lounge Chair

Mid-century French design had a strong focus on sculptural and artistic elements, and you’ll definitely notice its influence on the design of Fomu’s L’art de vivre (the art of living) lounge chair. Rather than simply existing for functional purposes, it’s about the minimal design speaking to people who interact with it.

The Melbourne-based company used both timber and upholstery with sustainable elements in the manufacturing of the L’art de vivre lounge chair. The solid oak timber panel frame is sourced through selective harvesting, which allows plants to naturally regenerate, and is sealed with a plant-based wax/oil that uses sunflower,

The Future of Dining Takes Shape Across Creative Chef’s Morphing Table

If you could completely forgo the necessity for plates, dishes, and bowls (and the accompanying necessity to wash them) while eating, would you abandon the traditional accessories of dining? The Morphing Table by Creative Chef created in collaboration with BASF’s performance materials division, Designfabrik, imagines such a future where the table itself becomes an adaptive accessory in service of the art of plating.

Currently in early concept mode, the Morphing Table is an experimental project utilizing technology to convert the traditionally static surface of a table into an adaptive participant in the process and pageantry of the plating of

The Ziggy Table and Stool Easily Adapt to Any Work Situation

We’re all entering a brave new world when it comes to the office environment and no doubt big changes are going to come as restrictions ease allowing businesses to open back up. Luckily, many companies have already been prioritizing adaptability to keep up with the needs of their ever-evolving workspaces and employees. To help with that, incorporating pieces that are versatile is key. The Ziggy Table and Ziggy Stool, designed by Brad Ascalon for Hightower, are compact pieces that keep all of that in mind. The geometric duo are both fun and functional and can easily be moved

Discovering The “Curious Histories Behind Everyday Household Objects”

Now more than ever, one of our favorite ways to create a moment of calm is by lighting an intoxicating candle or earthy incense stick. It helps set the mood for whatever we choose to do next, whether it’s meditate, read, or even just take a few minutes to breathe. This simple ritual isn’t a wellness gimmick though, it actually dates back to antiquity, when ancient Romans would light incense to ward off illness, superstitions, and misfortunes. It’s an interesting curiosity, and one of many that author and design historian (and writer for Design Milk!) Amy Azzarito covers in her

Les Pieds de Biche Brings Geometric Patterns + Fun Colors to Terrazzo

Belgian brand Les Pieds de Biche brings a modern approach to terrazzo with decorative objects that feature geometric patterns and bold colorways that were inspired by the palettes of artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Munch, and Mondrian. Founder Diam Coly uses traditional techniques to enrich the new, raw materials for a polished yet authentic aesthetic that highlights the uniqueness of each piece. The brand’s offerings include planters, bowls, candles, vases, soap dishes, and more, all ethically handmade by Diam in their Brussels studio. The pieces are fun and playful with mixed terrazzo chips that look as if they were thrown

David Trubridge Updates Cloud + Ebb Lighting for the 20s

New Zealand designer David Trubridge is reintroducing his iconic Cloud and Ebb lighting fixtures, both reimagined for today’s environmentally conscious global design community. Plastic components have been replaced with 95% natural materials in addition to new shapes, colors, and sizes to create two distinct families of lighting that adhere to the brand’s ethos.

Cloud’s original design came about years after Trubridge first observed clouds of water vapor that had formed directly over islands. These cloud-shaped fixtures were originally made from thin frosted plastic skins, and became one of the company’s key offerings.

“For a product conceived from the ocean, the