10 Modern Vases to Hold Everything From a Stem to a Bouquet

If you’re looking to bring a bit of outdoors in, modern vases are a great way to make it happen, whether you cut flowers from your garden or pick some up at your favorite flower shop. No matter the time of year or weather, fresh flowers can add some color and much needed life during gloomy times, and even in the best of times, to be honest! And when you don’t have flowers to fill them, these vases look great on their own as functional works of art. Here are 10 modern vases, from small to large, perfect for

LittleSolves Designs the Quiet Glass to Avoid Noise When Setting Down

Creative design and development consultancy Studio Make Believe launched LittleSolves in 2015 to design objects that make people happier by solving daily issues. Led by product designer Anthony Dickens, the brand launched its first product, Quiet Glass, that was born from personal experience. After setting a glass down hard in the middle of the night and waking his partner, Dickens decided to create the ideal drinking glass that would work during the day but also at bedtime.

The durable Quiet Glass is outfitted with a soft silicone base that makes it quiet to set down, better to hold, and harder

Amsterdam’s Historic Felix Meritis Building Is Renovated by i29

Designed by i29, Felix Meritis is a minimalist interior located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that will be used for future cultural events. The building was originally designed for a society of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, sheltering a melting pot for creativity with five departments in one building.

Commissioned by investment group Amerborgh, the original structure was restored while maintaining the building’s classical elements. The entrance includes a restaurant and reception that are modern interpretations of the 18th century originals. A light installation connects the two rooms to create a grand entrance.

The Concert Hall, which has featured important

Grab Hold of Foscarini’s Tobia Lamp

Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani is the mind behind the clever Tobia lamp created for Foscarini, a minimal and geometric light source with a standout statement “handlebar” that invites you to grab hold. Tobia’s eye-catching focal point can be used to easily move the slender, compact floor lamp version around, inviting you to be a nomad in your own space. The wall version emits light from both ends of its loop – upward a powerful beam, downward soft accent lighting – making it possible to accommodate a wide range of lighting needs at home.

“Tobia is an example of how

Bernhardt Design Introduces Two Collections That Invite You to Get Creative

Bernhardt Design is welcoming two fresh collections this summer – Terry Crews’ Becca Modular Lounge Collection and Océane Delain’s Gallery Collection. The Becca Modular Lounge Collection is an extension of last season’s Becca Collection of sofas and club chairs, comprising nine pieces in all to accommodate a variety of seating and aesthetic needs. The Gallery Collection is full of poufs, ottomans, and benches with three differing color-blocked sections that invite designers to create.

The Becca Modular Lounge Collection is the latest collaboration between Bernhardt Design and Terry Crews, or rather an expansion of the tailored sofas and club chairs

Shape Takes on New Meaning with Building Blocks

Los Angeles-based furniture, interior, and accessory designer Jialun Xiong has created Building Blocks, a set of black and white seating designed around honesty of materials and purity of form. The minimalism of the shapes allows both designs to shine from every angle, with each piece leaning on the other to form a figurative whole. Building Blocks’ Side Chair is an illusion that plays with positive and negative shapes through its design. The side chair’s companion pulls double duty as a Side Table / Stool, depending on your space’s needs. Its round shape and minimal form takes the design down