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Procedures in Auto Body Repair, Transmission Repair

Proper filing of data.

The insurer of the vehicle is brought in this part. All data regarding the condition of vehicle and recommendation given between both parties has to be scrutinized for relay to the main insurance company.

The insurer determines the viability and worthiness of repair or to discard the whole process.The client to have the full right to determine repair process. cordial relationship between the insurer and customer will enable the mechanic to start work. The parts for repair are then purchased at a recommended price and delivered to the workshop.

It is important for the mechanic to have a visibility of the initial condition when the vehicle was manufactured. the mechanic can explain clearly to both parties on the way forward after proper check. The initial check will hasten the following procedures. The prerequisite for any job on the vehicle has to be body panel.

To eliminate any oversight when diagnosing the technology of using a laser beam is applied.With the unibody being in good being in a good condition the motor engine shifts to the to the workshop area, in which a brand new layer of the sheet is attached and paneling done.

The mechanic will remove any impurities stuck on the body surface of the vehicle to avoid contaminating the paint that may result in poor amalgamation with the body.After the paneling of the dents, paint preparation area takes center stage. the right adhesion chemistry has to be achieved for the final product.Finally the base coat applied that also protects the finish. Primer paint tends to take longer in curing thus the use of infra-red technology.Infrared lights shorten the time of curing.

In the initial stage when the vehicle was being prepared, it was torn down to ensure that the good parts are not interfered with and to get to the root cause of the problem, but after repair, all parts functioning had to be returned to their original state. All parts that include wiring, lighting and airbags are crucial for the motor vehicle to operate as recommended and the need to put them together advised.

The stage of final inspection of the viability of the vehicle and condition is then reviewed. The expenses of the labor cost from the initial receipt of the vehicle is to be captured, expenses on parts purchased and mark up cost.Inspection and quality assurance certification is issued

Repackaging simply means the vehicle has been revalued upwards and ready for use. Data filing helps to keep for future reference.

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