Month: June 2020

Quiet Town’s Calming Bath Accessories

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Quiet Town creates the thoughtfully designed modern bath accessories we’ve been waiting for. The co-founders, Lisa and Michael, follow a strict code of ethics when it comes to creating: source ethical materials, create only what’s needed, and team up with manufacturers who value their workers and the environment.

Co-founders Lisa and Michael

Orient Storm Shower Curtain

Orient Storm Shower Curtain

Pacifica Pine Shower Curtain

Beacon Clay Shower Curtain

Beacon Clay Shower Curtain

When it comes to the canvas Quiet Town uses, it’s all 100% cotton, grown and milled in the USA. That quality, combined with the brand’s focus on functionality

Workstation Cabin: A Home Office Pod by Hello Wood

With the pandemic still affecting parts of the world and others still taking precautions, working from home has become the norm for many. Not everyone has the space to create a home office setup, and even if they did, it’s not always ideal when other family members are home to distract them. Enter the Workstation Cabin – a multipurpose, geometric refuge designed by Budapest-based design studio Hello Wood.

The pebble-shaped Workstation Cabin is fairly compact as to not take up too much of your outdoor space, but roomy enough to house a highly-functional office, guest room, or playroom for

Object Permanence Ed. 5 Features LA Designers Referencing Time

Object Permanence is back with their quarterly event, co-curated by Leah Ring and Emma Holland Denvir, to showcase the work of 10 Los Angeles-based artists and designers. Each edition gives a brief for the designers to run with, allowing them to take their design as far as they want to go in their preferred materials. To mark the second year and the new decade, Edition 5 asked the designers to interpret the passing of time and their original works will be showcased this weekend on Saturday, June 27th from 1-5pm at RAD Furniture in Frogtown.

Edition 5 was originally

A’ Design Awards & Competition – Early Call for Entries

It’s that time of the year again. The A’ Design Awards & Competition is open for submissions for the 2020-2021 edition! Winners will be announced next year on April 15, 2021 but you can get ahead by submitting your design early and receiving a free preliminary evaluation of your design. The deadline for early submission is June 30, 2020.

There are more than 100 different categories of design awards that you can enter your original designs under, and they can be concepts, prototypes, or products in its finished stage. Each design goes through a rigorous judging process with a juried

Friday Five with Kari Pei of Interface

As Vice President of Product Design at Interface, Kari Pei uses her design expertise to bring the brand’s visions to life. By looking to the world around her for inspiration, she creates a common language on global issues such as sustainability. Kari believes that flooring can help establish a hierarchy in any given space, and that changes in color, scale, texture, and pattern can enhance the way a space feels to those who use it. Prior to joining Interface in 2015, Kari worked with a number of international fashion houses, manufacturers, and hospitality brands, including Starwood Hotels, MGM Resorts

Get Things in Order with Bookends + Shelving System with TORTUGA

TORTUGA founder Andrea Hill has good business sense running through her veins. Also the creative brand strategist behind Paloma Powers and CultureTM, Hill’s family has operated home goods brand Hills Imports for over 40 years. Through TORTUGA, she continues to bring the work of artists and designers to a larger audience. We’ve covered their Wave Shelf, and today we’re highlighting two more products: the Dumbo Bookends and the Pyramid Shelving System.

Both of these products bring together time-honored craftsmanship with innovative processes and are built to last, coming in several sizes, colors, and configurations. TORTUGA offers their sustainably