Day: May 28, 2020

The Calamus Duo Merges Graphic Design + Furniture Design

What happens when you merge the elements of graphic design and furniture design? Recently designers Steve Wolf and Brandon Kershner – aka Karni Studio – worked together to create a duo of products born of just that, reaching for inspiration and elements from two separate worlds.

Calamus was inspired by Bauhaus era graphic art, architecture, and furniture design. It’s difficult to look at these pieces without smiling, because their forms and shapes are nothing short of happy when used together. Calamus’s unique look makes both the chair and table standouts that can be used indoors or outdoors, all thanks to

New Mexico’s First Food Hall Is for the Culture

Islyn Studio recently completed the interior design and brand identity of Sawmill Market, a contemporary food hall near Albuquerque inspired by New Mexico’s rich culture. Built within an old lumber warehouse, the food hall meticulously combines old and new to create a cultural hub true to the site’s heritage.

The 40,000-square-foot space houses boutique owner-operated restaurants, cocktail bars, farm-to-table pantries, tap rooms, pop-up shops, test kitchens, and demo kitchens. Sawmill Market is New Mexico’s first food hall, and it truly aims to be a place for everyone and anyone to gather – there’s ample space for freelancers and there’s