Day: May 14, 2020

Hue Minimal Designs Simple Yet Functional Everyday Products

Hue Minimal recently launched as a design brand born with the idea of creating innovative products that make your home inspired and surprising. Through traditional and cutting edge technologies, they design and manufacture a collection of products using quality materials and finishes designed to last. They’re focused on capturing the soul of everyday objects while making them simple and functional. Founded by Eitan Gigi and Ofer Dahan, the brand’s products are a mix of art and design aiming to draw the eyes in and evoke feelings of surprise and wonder. The Hue Minimal collection includes wall hooks, wall shelves, trays,

Bring Farmhouse and Industrial Aesthetics Together with the Help of BLANCO’s Farmhouse Sinks

When you think of farmhouse and industrial aesthetics, the two seemingly couldn’t be farther from one another on the design spectrum. That perception is slowly being changed as farmhouse style is beginning to meld with other styles. In this case, the union of farmhouse and industrial have created a sweet spot where rustic meets modern. The feel of farmhouse industrial is comfortable and casual, incorporating wood tones, whites, and metals to create an inviting atmosphere that incorporates elements from both farmhouse chic and industrial cool throughout.

IKON® 33” 1.75 Apron Front Sink with low divide

Where this hybrid style really