Designer Wallpaper: June 2020 – Design Milk

Wallpapers are like giant art murals for your home and that is especially true for Habita Wallpaper Studio, an Austin-based company created by Emily Wong who designs hand-painted, sustainably-sourced wallpapers. She turns her sketches into gouache paintings, a traditional method used in textile design. These modern patterns are then printed on clay-based paper that has been sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Her latest, the Novo Collection, is inspired by mid-century designers, like landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx and furniture designer Clara Porset, who mixed clean lines and simple forms with color, rhythm, and traditions of place. Paired with

We Stand Together Against Racism: Black Lives Matter

At Design Milk, we post pretty pictures + products but behind all those pictures, there are human beings. People are always, always more important than stuff. We are heartbroken and saddened at the continued unfair and unjust treatment of the black community.

We use our platform to inspire and challenge people to look at things in a new way. It’s time to turn that lens on ourselves. We care deeply about this issue and need to be the change. There is a lot of work to do in the design + architecture community. We stand in solidarity against racism, oppression,

Koncept Offers Innovative + Pared Down Lighting Solutions

Lighting brand Koncept first made their debut in 2002, with a plan to design and develop innovative products for home and business that make your life safer, simpler, and greener. Since then they’ve created a line of LED lamps and lighting elements that consumers have embraced. Koncept’s flagship product, the contemporary Z-Bar High Power LED desk lamp with its Z-shaped arm, has earned international attention and accrued a number of awards. It’s even gone on permanent display in Germany’s Die Neue Sammlung museum as a best innovation of the 20th/21st centuries. Other lighting collections from Koncept that we’re especially drawn

Sarah Sherman Samuel + Semihandmade Launch a Cabinet Door Collaboration

Some people might call a collaboration between Semihandmade and Sarah Sherman Samuel a match made in heaven, and we are most definitely those people. The company known for pairing stylish doors with IKEA cabinets and the interior designer launched their first collection in 2018, and recently released their latest – Quarterline.

The Quarterline collection was created to fill the modern aesthetic space between Shaker and full-slab cabinet doors, a minimal design that’s just a quarter of the size of the classic Shaker. It’s the perfect way to personalize kitchen cabinets, credenzas, consoles, and more. Samuel shared that she has

The Teâshí Coffee Table Is Given New Life by Artist Callen Schaub

Edenic Design released their first design, the Teâshí Coffee Table, and have since produced only 100 of the branching creation. Named after the Japanese word for “limb,” the table’s structure rises from the ground with limbs that could resemble branches, veins, fingers, or lightning bolts. Each table is welded by hand with care going into each piece to honor the original creativity that led to its unique silhouette. Beyond its intriguing structure, the Teâshí Coffee Table was designed with the intent of collaborating with artists who could take it to the next level. The first collaboration is with Montreal artist

A Glass House Inspired Pavilion for an Indoor Swimming Pool

Maurice Martel architecte gives nod to iconic modern architecture in a project in Montréal where they designed an indoor swimming pool that can be enjoyed all year long, even during the long Quebec winters. Pavilion A references Philip Johnson’s Glass House and the Ben Rose House featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with its minimalist structure made of metal and glass. Massive windows float floor-to-ceiling with a flat roof that appears to float on top.

The exterior part of the structure might be black, but the interior is bright with the help of skylights and a white ceiling.

Inside, much