The Calming Beauty of LAN NATURAL Rugs

Who isn’t looking for a bit of calming beauty in their everyday life? The popular LAN collection of rugs, designed by Neri&Hu for GAN, is back with a new look – a mellow patchwork palette of neutral tones that’s sure to work its magic in any number of spaces. These modern, striking LAN NATURAL wool rugs are made using two techniques: glaoui that combines high pile and flat areas, and then adds on overlapping layers of hand-embroidered geometric patterns. The hand-embroidery relies on the talented touch of the GAN Women’s Unit, a group of female embroiderers responsible for work on many of GAN’s collections.

The LAN NATURAL collection continues to combine Neri&Hu’s hallmark oriental and western inspiration to create contemporary designs with traditional craftsmanship. GAN uses no chemical dyes during the manufacturing process, helping to maintain the natural color of the wool while protecting the environment. Choose from four rug sizes to bring LAN NATURAL into your space.

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