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Facebook is getting into the home providers market. Heard all of it already, Common, identical to final time. Identical little canned speech with the identical cutesy-terse supply. Yawn. Save the emotional BS for somebody who gives a crap, I’ve debated higher than you, and you never did reply me about the settlers and you won’t as a result of I’m proper. If a deal will not be attainable, it ought to turn out to be evident at Friday’s White House meeting. If that happens, Obama and the leaders would go away the decision to the next Congress to handle in January.

What amazes me about him is how he resists being a jerk. I discover that participating in these open conversations drives me in the direction of jerk-hood. It does most individuals. Politicians especially. Obama does an amazing job of resisting that, and I think it is the supply of a lot of his attraction. Because most of us (jaked excluded) aren’t actually jerks, we’re just labored up, and do not really like being worked up. Who are these people so involved about Obama’s commotment to Israel? Even much of Israel’s opwn inhabitants needs the settlements stopped. Obama goes to drive a wedge betwen Netanyahu and the Israeli peace movement and pressure the suitable-wing SOB out of office.

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• Breaking from the Past: Realizing how unpopular former president George W. Bush’s approach to foreign policy was in the Muslim world, Obama sought to make clear that his administration was taking firm steps to offer a clean break from the methods things had been done. Whereas calling the terrorists attacks of Sept. eleven, 2001 an “monumental trauma” for the United States, Obama added that the “concern” and “anger” it provoked “led us to behave opposite to our traditions and our beliefs.” Obama additionally referred to the conflict in Iraq as a “war of choice” (contrasting it with the conflict in Afghanistan) and added that the Iraq situation should serve as reminder to American of the “want to make use of diplomacy” and “build international consensus” to resolve conflicts. The message was clear: I’m not George Bush and it’s a new day in how America views its roll on the planet.