Discovering The “Curious Histories Behind Everyday Household Objects”

Now more than ever, one of our favorite ways to create a moment of calm is by lighting an intoxicating candle or earthy incense stick. It helps set the mood for whatever we choose to do next, whether it’s meditate, read, or even just take a few minutes to breathe. This simple ritual isn’t a wellness gimmick though, it actually dates back to antiquity, when ancient Romans would light incense to ward off illness, superstitions, and misfortunes. It’s an interesting curiosity, and one of many that author and design historian (and writer for Design Milk!) Amy Azzarito covers in her

Casa Teo: A Minimalist Boutique Hotel by Enrique Olvera

Casa Teo is a minimalist boutique hotel created by famed Mexican restaurateur Enrique Olvera of Pujol. The space is situated above the former location of Pujol, which previously encompassed the production kitchen and private dining room for the restaurant.

The space is meant to encourage creativity and connectivity to a city vibrant with history and culture. It is to no surprise that the kitchen occupies most of the interior, serving as not only a dining area, but a communal space to host workshops and conversations. Guests can experience local cuisine first hand through the in-house chef, formerly of Pujol.

Les Pieds de Biche Brings Geometric Patterns + Fun Colors to Terrazzo

Belgian brand Les Pieds de Biche brings a modern approach to terrazzo with decorative objects that feature geometric patterns and bold colorways that were inspired by the palettes of artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, Munch, and Mondrian. Founder Diam Coly uses traditional techniques to enrich the new, raw materials for a polished yet authentic aesthetic that highlights the uniqueness of each piece. The brand’s offerings include planters, bowls, candles, vases, soap dishes, and more, all ethically handmade by Diam in their Brussels studio. The pieces are fun and playful with mixed terrazzo chips that look as if they were thrown

Friday Five with Mary Maydan of Maydan Architects

Photo by Lisa Deneffe Photography

Mary Maydan is principal and founder of Maydan Architects, a Palo Alto, California based boutique architecture and interior design firm. Born in Tel Aviv, Maydan possesses a style that celebrates what it means to be modern. She founded her firm in 2004, and gained immediate recognition for her design of an ultra modern residence, which stood in sharp contrast to the traditional architecture that dominated Silicon Valley at the time. This project established Maydan as a leader and helped define her niche — minimalistic contemporary architecture. But Maydan’s career began far away from floor

David Trubridge Updates Cloud + Ebb Lighting for the 20s

New Zealand designer David Trubridge is reintroducing his iconic Cloud and Ebb lighting fixtures, both reimagined for today’s environmentally conscious global design community. Plastic components have been replaced with 95% natural materials in addition to new shapes, colors, and sizes to create two distinct families of lighting that adhere to the brand’s ethos.

Cloud’s original design came about years after Trubridge first observed clouds of water vapor that had formed directly over islands. These cloud-shaped fixtures were originally made from thin frosted plastic skins, and became one of the company’s key offerings.

“For a product conceived from the ocean, the Firehouse Project Episode 7: Roof Deck [VIDEO]

We’re excited to share the next episode of Firehouse project – Roof Deck. Designer Anthony Carrino has given his old Firehouse quite the outdoor upgrade (we might be a little bit jealous!). Urban dwellers can agree that you need to maximize whatever outdoor space you might have and he’s done just that – creating a space that not only feels like an escape but also like an extension of the home. From outdoor decking to a customizable outdoor kitchen, see how it all comes together and get ready to be inspired:

Check out the 3D model here:

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