fragrant plants in ‘the scentual garden,’ with ken druse

WHAT KIND OF SCENTS that plants offer up please you, or don’t? How do you even describe what things in the garden smell like? I spoke with Ken Druse, author of the new book “The Scentual Garden: Exploring the World of Botanical Fragrance,” about his fascination with fragrant plants.

There are a lot of good things I could say about having known Ken for many years, and one of them is that we’ve had each other to talk to along the way while we’ve been writing each new book, someone to ruminate with and refine ideas with, time and

how conservation starts in your yard: doug tallamy on ‘nature’s best hope’

‘NATURE’S BEST HOPE’ is the title of University of Delaware professor Doug Tallamy’s new book, and the subtitle reads like this: “A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard.” In other words, you and I are nature’s best hope. Our actions count, and they add up to counteract a fragmented landscape and other challenges to the survival of so many critically important native creatures and the greater environment we all share.

Doug Tallamy’s 2007 book, “Bringing Nature Home,” (Amazon affiliate link) has been, for many of us, a wake-up call into the entire subject of the unbreakable

create a pollinator victory garden, with kim eierman

ONE OF THE MOST common questions that garden centers and other garden professionals are asked these days: How can I add more pollinator plants? Kim Eierman designs ecological gardens with such beneficial insects in mind, and is the author of the new book “The Pollinator Victory Garden,” and I got some advice from her on subjects ranging from wildlife-supporting spring cleanup tactics and timing, to how much of each plant is “enough” to make a difference, and which plants are native, anyway.

Kim is also founder of the garden business called EcoBeneficial, consulting on ecological landscaping and design, based

Dream of the Italian Outdoor Lifestyle with the Makemake Collection

The great outdoors always makes for a nice escape, and no more so than in this moment. The Makemake collection, designed by studioPang for Terraforma, includes a modular sofa, bench, tables, dining chairs, lounge chairs, stools, and sun lounger with smooth lines and style for days.

Makemake has been very well thought out, including modular elements that make it possible to reconfigure the sofa again and again, with backrests, armrests, the chaise lounge, and table-like surfaces. The lounge chair and two-seat bench can include comfortable cushions, and the smaller table is available in two heights with either a square

How Virtual Reality Is Changing the World of Interior Design

In our increasingly digitized world, where everything from our phones to our thermostats is “smart,” it should come as no surprise that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are starting to play a role in the design industry. It’s a logical relationship: designers have always imagined new or re-imagined existing spaces, created a drawing via analog means or digital ones, and presented that visualization to their clients. It tracks, then, that as drawing technology has advanced from paper, onto a screen, and finally into a three-dimensional projection, designers have adapted to the times.

Courtesy of HOK

Courtesy of HOK

Friday Five with Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus

From real estate and hospitality to restaurants, spirits, fashion, and wellness, Cleo Murnane brings functionality and beauty to every brand she helps build as creative director and co-founder of Project M Plus. Her own entrepreneurial background works to her advantage no doubt, as she translates her clients’ visions into strong brands in an artful way. Project M Plus’ services include everything from core values and business strategy to design identity and interiors.

Murnane is a champion for companies with vision, and has been instrumental in creating strong work for many top brands. Before founding M Plus, she worked for