Objects From Nature Are Made From Living Organisms

London-based Blast Studio collects coffee waste that they then mix with the roots of fungi – mycelium – to turn objects created by humans into unique pieces that are eventually transformed by urban waste. The designs of their Objects from Nature come from nature’s geometric shapes, and create micro-climate pockets that capture humidity and protect the organisms as they grown.

Inspired by ecosystems, the mix of materials is 3D printed into the objects themselves and the fungi naturally grows to form a smooth, soft skin that serves to solidify the piece. Along the way it creates unpredictable patterns and colors from cream to brown. Once finished growing, the mycelium is deactivated and the piece is finished.

Designers Pierre de Pingon, Paola Garnousset, and Martin Detoeuf

To purchase Objects from Nature, visit blast-studio.com. For more design objects, visit the Design Milk Shop here!

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