Koncept Offers Innovative + Pared Down Lighting Solutions

Lighting brand Koncept first made their debut in 2002, with a plan to design and develop innovative products for home and business that make your life safer, simpler, and greener. Since then they’ve created a line of LED lamps and lighting elements that consumers have embraced. Koncept’s flagship product, the contemporary Z-Bar High Power LED desk lamp with its Z-shaped arm, has earned international attention and accrued a number of awards. It’s even gone on permanent display in Germany’s Die Neue Sammlung museum as a best innovation of the 20th/21st centuries. Other lighting collections from Koncept that we’re especially drawn to are Mr. N, Mr. GO!, and the Lady7 Desk Lamp.

Z-Bar Floor Lamp

Z-Bar Desk Lamp

Mr. N Tall Table Lamp

Mr. GO! Lantern

Lady7 Floor Lamp


Lady7 Desk Lamp

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