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Friday Five with Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus

From real estate and hospitality to restaurants, spirits, fashion, and wellness, Cleo Murnane brings functionality and beauty to every brand she helps build as creative director and co-founder of Project M Plus. Her own entrepreneurial background works to her advantage no doubt, as she translates her clients’ visions into strong brands in an artful way. Project M Plus’ services include everything from core values and business strategy to design identity and interiors.

Murnane is a champion for companies with vision, and has been instrumental in creating strong work for many top brands. Before founding M Plus, she worked for

C Apartment: A Renovation Project in Tel Aviv by Maya Sheinberger

Israeli interior design studio led by Maya Sheinberger has completed a 2-year renovation of C apartment in the northern part of Tel Aviv. The resulting, 120-square-meter apartment features a color palette in 50 shades of grey. The large windows have especially contrasting colors to draw attention to the view over the park: the black of the window frames stand out against a crisp white background wall. Turquoise and nude colors add a pop of personality across a mostly monochromatic color scheme.

The seating area of the living room is defined by a large gray carpet and includes a stone-colored sofa,