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A Nagoya Apartment That Adapts as the Child Grows

Architect Taka Shinomoto, of rhymedesign, completed an apartment renovation in Nagoya, Japan, dubbed ‘The Room for Small Gulliver’, that’s designed to adapt as the couple’s child grows up. Looking to the fantasy worlds of Gulliver’s Travels and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the interior plays with scale hoping to inspire the child’s imagination while allowing the parents to live normally. The adults will see chairs to sit on, but the child could see those same chairs as a table, desk, or counter, based on their smaller size. As the child grows up, their perspective and relationship to the surrounding environment

We Stand Together Against Racism: Black Lives Matter

At Design Milk, we post pretty pictures + products but behind all those pictures, there are human beings. People are always, always more important than stuff. We are heartbroken and saddened at the continued unfair and unjust treatment of the black community.

We use our platform to inspire and challenge people to look at things in a new way. It’s time to turn that lens on ourselves. We care deeply about this issue and need to be the change. There is a lot of work to do in the design + architecture community. We stand in solidarity against racism, oppression,

A Glass House Inspired Pavilion for an Indoor Swimming Pool

Maurice Martel architecte gives nod to iconic modern architecture in a project in Montréal where they designed an indoor swimming pool that can be enjoyed all year long, even during the long Quebec winters. Pavilion A references Philip Johnson’s Glass House and the Ben Rose House featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with its minimalist structure made of metal and glass. Massive windows float floor-to-ceiling with a flat roof that appears to float on top.

The exterior part of the structure might be black, but the interior is bright with the help of skylights and a white ceiling.

Inside, much

TheBuild.tv Firehouse Project Episode 8: Connected Home [VIDEO]

We’re excited to share the next episode of TheBuild.tv Firehouse project – Connected Home. Anthony Carrino takes us on a tech tour of his new home, which he converted from an old Firehouse. Read more details about the specific technologies he chose here and watch to see how it all comes together:

See more of the design details and photos at TheBuild.tv and watch all episodes here.

Images courtesy of Anthony Carrino.

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New Mexico’s First Food Hall Is for the Culture

Islyn Studio recently completed the interior design and brand identity of Sawmill Market, a contemporary food hall near Albuquerque inspired by New Mexico’s rich culture. Built within an old lumber warehouse, the food hall meticulously combines old and new to create a cultural hub true to the site’s heritage.

The 40,000-square-foot space houses boutique owner-operated restaurants, cocktail bars, farm-to-table pantries, tap rooms, pop-up shops, test kitchens, and demo kitchens. Sawmill Market is New Mexico’s first food hall, and it truly aims to be a place for everyone and anyone to gather – there’s ample space for freelancers and there’s

A-Place K907 Is a Minimal Apartment in Warsaw by Thisispaper Studio

A-Place K907 is a minimal apartment located in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Thisispaper Studio. The apartment is situated in the Praga District, which has recently seen transformation throughout the years as the new city center of Warsaw.

The existing structure was originally a print house from 1903, recently brought back to life as a residential building. The interior maintained the original double-height ceilings allowing the designers to integrate an entresol.

In order to preserve the original raw atmosphere, the walls, flooring, and ceiling were finished in monochromatic colors. It was important from the beginning to maintain a minimalist space,