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Japanese Minimalism Meets Abstract Sculpture in Edition 2020 Collection

Brazilian architect Patricia Anastassiadis has released her third collection of furniture for design brand Artefacto. The new body of work, called Edition 2020, takes inspiration from Japanese minimalism and the work of artist Jean Arp. It consists of a chaise lounge, two dining tables, two sofas, two coffee tables, and a side table.

A common theme throughout the entire collection is Japanese minimalism, which manifests itself through straightforward shapes, subtle textures, and neutral colors. Each piece plays with emptiness, whether it be leaving space between couch cushions or utilizing thin, layered forms to create airy dimension.

The Greta Modular

Adjust the Pivot Table Lamp as You Would a Hat on Your Head

The Pivot table lamp by Lukas Peet for ANDlight puts the ability to cast light into your own hands. It has a round cap-like shade balancing on a pearly opalescent globe with a large spherical dimming knob for a scale of brightness options, meaning you can finally shape the light you want.

No more “this one is too glaring” or “this one is too dim” – make it both a study light and an intimate movie light, a nook light and one for dinner tables. With Pivot, you’ll always be able to balance the amount of directional downlight and constant

Welcome Spring with the Outdoor Frame Kitchen

Just as the temperature begins to rise, Fantin is releasing an outdoor version of their award-winning kitchen workstation. Designed by Salvatore Indriolo, both indoor and outdoor Frame Kitchens are available with two or three units and Barazza steel tops. The electrophoretic painting prevents rust from forming and offers protection against other elements.

The versatility of the minimally designed outdoor Frame Kitchen makes it a great focal point for any space. Add a personal touch by choosing from the 46-color palette, then outfit it with a built-in stainless steel barbecue for a practical, smoke-free cooking experience. At the same time you

The New Collection From Happy Habitat Has the Geometric Throws of Our Dreams

The graphic, colorful throws from Happy Habitat by Karrie Dean are perennial favorites within the Design Milk family, and most of us could use an extra dose of comfort right now. These artsy blankets look just as at home hanging on the wall as they do with you snuggled up underneath them. A perfect solution for when the weather gets warmer and you’re looking for ideas to change up your decor and clear up extra space! happy habitat recently released a collection of twelve new designs, featuring a slew of geometric designs in a fresh palette of colors. See them …

Postmodern Public Furniture Inspired by Traditional Joinery

London-based designer Peter Judson was commissioned by HUGE to create a series of public furniture for the Cool Docks development in Shanghai. Named Inter, the colorful collection is heavily inspired by postmodernism, traditional Asian joinery techniques, and the architectural forms found throughout Shanghai’s various neighborhoods, including the historic Jing An temple.

Inter consists of four different public seating solutions – three benches and a chair. The unexpected combination of old and new inspirations results in pieces that evoke joy and propose a topic for discussion amongst users.

Though inspired by traditional wood joinery, the pieces are realized in powder-coated

Gingko + Le Cord Deliver New Home Office Essentials

Founded in 2011 by husband-and-wife duo Paul and Natalie Sun, Gingko is a design- and technology-driven company located about two hours outside of London in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Their high-end products feel fresh and user-friendly with a simple and aesthetically-pleasing approach to design. From a wood-encased pocket speaker to cutting edge clocks to an interactive desk light, Gingko nails it with innovation making their products perfect for daily use in the home office and beyond.

MI Square Pocket Speaker

Gravity Cube Click Clock

Edge Light Alarm Clock

Octagon One Desk Lamp


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