Balance, Beauty + Functionality Make up the Roll Chair

It’s easy to overthink things that are profoundly simplistic – the inspiration behind Roll, for example. Designed by MUT for Sancal, this chair found its design approach in leg press machines you can find at the gym. That’s right, a piece of furniture designed for relaxation was inspired by something made for the complete opposite purpose.

This chair has a lot going for it in the forms of balance, beauty, and functionality. Constructed using only steel tubes and two cylindrical pads, for seat and backrest, Roll also makes for a fantastic work of sculptural art – especially when stacked in multiples.

The pads can be upholstered in any of Sancal’s fabrics and twelve lacquer colors are available for the chair’s metal structure. While Roll is designed to last and we anticipate you having it around for a long time to come, the chair’s raw materials make it sustainable and simplifies the recycling process when the time comes.

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