Day: August 1, 2020

Modern Home Accessories in PANTONE Colors That Endure + Spark Creativity

We all know the world looks to the PANTONE Color Institute when it’s time to spot color trends for all areas of the design arena, and a most notable favorite, for their Color of the Year announcements. Thinking about color, we perused their website to see what interesting color palettes they’d recently put together. We immediately spotted the Colors We Love, Colors That Endure color palette, which features eight colors that are versatile and fluid, and less about what season or gender they’re for. These colors can be considered new classics but classics that stand out through time and ones

Friday Five with Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design

Caitlin Murray is CEO and founder of Black Lacquer Design, a boutique interior design firm founded in 2014, that’s known for their elevated, color-soaked style and unpretentious, inviting glamour. Her distinctive use of color has earned her a reputation in the industry for bold, daring interiors that are equal parts whimsical liveliness and polished chic. As a born synesthete, Caitlin’s experience of hue is at the heart of all her work. Her eclectic personal style is a manifestation of modern sensibilities and an homage to distinctive design from decades past. Caitlin currently lives in Los Angeles in a 1920’s