Day: June 23, 2020

Go on Repeat with the Loop Table + Loop Shelf

Porter + Trundle, made up of design duo Sarah Porter and James Trundle, officially came to life as a brand in South London in 2019. This year they were added to Design-Nation’s membership portfolio for contemporary designer-makers based in the UK who create craft, design, and product.

Porter + Trundle’s designs exist as both functional and sculptural objects, their work combining contemporary color and form with traditional methods of fabrication. The pair are also interested in the exploration of new and sustainable materials, with products such as their minimalist Loop Side Table and Loop Shelf acting as fine examples.

A Dreamy Apartment Overlooking the Ocean in Zhuhai, China

T.K.Chu Design recently completed designing a model apartment located in the Zhuhai Renheng Coastal Center in Zhuhai, China. The project spans 700 m² over two floors with large, open spaces that reference the ocean it overlooks. With vast white surfaces and architectural curves, the interior feels dreamy, perfect for a couple that travels on the regular.

The curves continue in the furnishings, with the rug adding rhythm to the space as if waves were moving cross the floor.

The curved staircase twists around with stone covering each stair and glass winding its way up with the railing.

Various shades of