Day: June 17, 2020

The Loto Collection Shines a Fresh Light on Wooden Rods

Everyday building products can take your creativity far if you only view them with different eyes and curiosity. Peca’s founder, Caterina Moretti, began the Loto collection with an exploration around turned wooden rods, the possibilities the shapes might create, and what the positive and negative space around them could lead to working their way through her mind. What she came out on the other side were a pair of side tables and a footstool.

Loto’s side tables use Tlaquepaque fusion glass tops for a transparent surface that gives sight to the inner support below. The footstool is upholstered in handcrafted

Clever Ep. 120: Interior Architect Jamie Bush

On this episode of Clever podcast, host Amy Devers talks to interior architect Jaime Bush, who grew up on a Long Island farm with machines, animals and free rein to explore. With farmers and eccentric creatives as his scrappy role models, he was always encouraged to make things, and to make his own way. After high school he ventured to New Orleans to find himself, come out, and study architecture. Now, having migrated further west to Los Angeles, he’s made a name designing organic modernist interiors for some of the most historically significant homes in the US. Listen: