Day: May 22, 2020

David Trubridge Updates Cloud + Ebb Lighting for the 20s

New Zealand designer David Trubridge is reintroducing his iconic Cloud and Ebb lighting fixtures, both reimagined for today’s environmentally conscious global design community. Plastic components have been replaced with 95% natural materials in addition to new shapes, colors, and sizes to create two distinct families of lighting that adhere to the brand’s ethos.

Cloud’s original design came about years after Trubridge first observed clouds of water vapor that had formed directly over islands. These cloud-shaped fixtures were originally made from thin frosted plastic skins, and became one of the company’s key offerings.

“For a product conceived from the ocean, the Firehouse Project Episode 7: Roof Deck [VIDEO]

We’re excited to share the next episode of Firehouse project – Roof Deck. Designer Anthony Carrino has given his old Firehouse quite the outdoor upgrade (we might be a little bit jealous!). Urban dwellers can agree that you need to maximize whatever outdoor space you might have and he’s done just that – creating a space that not only feels like an escape but also like an extension of the home. From outdoor decking to a customizable outdoor kitchen, see how it all comes together and get ready to be inspired:

Check out the 3D model here:

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