Day: April 5, 2020

Welcome Spring with the Outdoor Frame Kitchen

Just as the temperature begins to rise, Fantin is releasing an outdoor version of their award-winning kitchen workstation. Designed by Salvatore Indriolo, both indoor and outdoor Frame Kitchens are available with two or three units and Barazza steel tops. The electrophoretic painting prevents rust from forming and offers protection against other elements.

The versatility of the minimally designed outdoor Frame Kitchen makes it a great focal point for any space. Add a personal touch by choosing from the 46-color palette, then outfit it with a built-in stainless steel barbecue for a practical, smoke-free cooking experience. At the same time you

Meditation Space for Creation by Jun Murata

Meditation Space is a minimal studio and gallery located in Beijing, China, designed by Jun Murata. The current utility of the space is to be used as a program to invite architects and designers from various countries to participate in exhibiting art, eventually forming what will become guest room accommodations.

The architect wanted to frame the beauty of the surrounding scenery by creating openings on either end of the main rectilinear volume. The constant change in environment on the outside is reflected on the interior, prompting guests to unwind and experience the gentle dynamic light.

A white container is