Day: March 24, 2020

Get Playful with Mambo’s Helene Marble Tables

Mambo Unlimited Ideas recently unveiled two fresh designs – the marble Helene Center Table and Side Table. Mambo has a beautiful way of making the hard material feel soft through the design of the tables’ shapes and curves. You can mix and play with their selection of marbles to create a unique piece that’s all your own. Available tabletop choices include estremoz rosa or estremoz nero marquina, while the feet come in estremoz white matte, rosa, and nero marquina. The marbleization and textures Mambo has chosen are a real aesthetic treat.

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Designed for All Elements, TUUCI’s Outdoor Furniture Is an Easy Choice

It’s a good sign when outdoor furniture and fabrics meant to withstand all types of environments got their start in the marine industry – a Miami boatyard to be exact. TUUCI, founded 22 years ago by Dougan Clarke, creates and manufactures parasols, lounges, and cabanas that are unique, stylish, and innovative. And, they’re ready to bring your own patio or design project up to the next level, no matter the climate zone.

If you’re a designer working on a project that TUUCI’s outdoor furniture could be the right fit for, what might push you over the edge? Let’s start