Month: March 2020

The Lyon Béton Twist Collection Is Fun + Functional

Fun yet functional, delicate yet sturdy. The TWIST collection, by Lyon Béton, could be the best thing to happen to your space in a very long time. Inspired by the basic functions of trays and drawers, both the coffee table and side table feature a rotating component that allows the metal tray table to rotate on an off-center axis point. In other words, extending towards you when you need it and easily nudged away when you don’t. The moving parts are sturdy, and TWIST is built for the long haul.

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How to Choose the Perfect Shaped Rug for Your Home

As modern design evolves, professional designers and homeowners alike are on the lookout for unique decor choices capable of tying entire rooms together – and one of the hottest ways to do that is by choosing a shaped rug. We are here for this trend! The options are as limitless as the designers who make them; shaped rugs encompass everything from jagged edges and curves to obtuse angles and cutouts. Completely customizable and available in every color and material imaginable (think Chinese silk, linen, wool, and even recycled felt), shaped rugs will take your room design to the next level

A Cloud-Like Chair Inspired by Ancient Ceramic Sculptures

One might expect a designer to take inspiration from soft materials when designing a supremely cozy chair. However, Ukrainian design brand FAINA took a different approach when bringing the overtly curvy and cushioned DOMNA armchair to life. To reach the chair’s distinct shape, FAINA designer Victoria Yakusha closely studied ancient ceramic sculptures of goddesses, drawing inspiration from their feminine forms.

The sculptures Yakusha observed were discovered by archaeologists on the Trypillia site located in modern day Ukraine and were primarily used as good luck symbols for families and farming.

When designing the DOMNA armchair, FAINA aimed to turn some of

A Letter to Our Community

Hi everyone. These are weird times, but as we have always done, Design Milk will support the community in every way we can. Our team is working to adjust to the changes brought by COVID-19. We care about and support all the designers, businesses, families and friends who are impacted, and we invite you to join us online in solidarity to help promote people doing great work around the world. If you have a story to share, or an idea about what else we can do to help, please contact us.

We will continue to write and post articles,

Six Fresh + Illuminating Outdoor Lighting Collections From FLOS

The six latest high-end outdoor collections from Italian lighting company FLOS include architectural and decorative designs by Michael Anastassiades, Piero Lissoni, and Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. This mix is a great opportunity for FLOS to flex their technical and design skills with lighting that’s suitable for just about any space.

Mimicking the effect of a lunar eclipse, Piero Lissi’s Camouflage creates a halo of light. Camouflage is an ultra-slim LED wall sconce that fits right in with architecture and nature by being flush with the wall. Finish options include teak wood, Basaltina stone, and Crema d’Orcia marble with various

Friday Five with Stefani Stein

Photo: Jenna Peffley

Los Angeles-based interior designer Stefani Stein’s approach to design embraces the idea that every client and space is unique, no matter the project’s size or scale. In 2014, she founded her eponymously named firm and began offering full-service interior architecture and design with an emphasis on a relaxed, yet refined, aesthetic. Using the architectural bones of each project, Stein designs inspiring interior spaces while paying close attention to detail to create one-of-a-kind spaces. She loves working closely with specialized craftspeople and artisans who help steer the narrative of each undertaking from conception to completion. Most recently, Stein