Chapel Glass + Hard Angles Combine in the aspa Table Series

The aspa table series, by Spanish studio MUT Design for German design brand pulpo, expresses their love of glass and mastery of the use of simple geometric angles. In Spanish, the word aspa translates to “the intersection of straight planes,” with each of the three table sizes using five panels of glass that merge together in the center. Textured chapel glass is affixed to smooth toughened glass panels, embracing the quirky individual bubbles, streaks, and variations that occur during production. The closer each glass panel gets to the center of its respective table, the darker the transparency becomes to

A Nagoya Apartment That Adapts as the Child Grows

Architect Taka Shinomoto, of rhymedesign, completed an apartment renovation in Nagoya, Japan, dubbed ‘The Room for Small Gulliver’, that’s designed to adapt as the couple’s child grows up. Looking to the fantasy worlds of Gulliver’s Travels and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the interior plays with scale hoping to inspire the child’s imagination while allowing the parents to live normally. The adults will see chairs to sit on, but the child could see those same chairs as a table, desk, or counter, based on their smaller size. As the child grows up, their perspective and relationship to the surrounding environment

LightArt Transforms Waste into Monochrome Pendants

Lighting manufacturer LightArt just released a new collection of lighting fixtures that are made from upcycled plastic waste. The Coil Collection came about after more than two years of research and development with the help of the engineering division of their parent company 3form. The results are a series of matte pendant fixtures made via additive manufacturing that resemble the look and feel of spun pottery.

LightArt founder Ryan Smith set out to discover how the company could turn recycled material into a polished product and they made it happen thanks to material science and design. Much like many companies

BesoVida Makes Minimal Containers to Prepare, Cook, and Serve Your food

Last summer, Taiwanese brand BesoVida took Kickstarter by storm when their campaign was 200% funded in less than 12 hours. What caused the stir? Their line of modern silicone containers that allow you to prepare, cook, and serve food right from the same bowl. Instead of using every pot, pan, and dish you own, BesoVida is designed to transition from cookware to tableware, in addition to its obvious storage capabilities, making your time in the kitchen kept to a minimum. Made entirely of food grade silicone, the lightweight, spill-proof containers are oven safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe

Designer Wallpaper: June 2020 – Design Milk

Wallpapers are like giant art murals for your home and that is especially true for Habita Wallpaper Studio, an Austin-based company created by Emily Wong who designs hand-painted, sustainably-sourced wallpapers. She turns her sketches into gouache paintings, a traditional method used in textile design. These modern patterns are then printed on clay-based paper that has been sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Her latest, the Novo Collection, is inspired by mid-century designers, like landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx and furniture designer Clara Porset, who mixed clean lines and simple forms with color, rhythm, and traditions of place. Paired with

We Stand Together Against Racism: Black Lives Matter

At Design Milk, we post pretty pictures + products but behind all those pictures, there are human beings. People are always, always more important than stuff. We are heartbroken and saddened at the continued unfair and unjust treatment of the black community.

We use our platform to inspire and challenge people to look at things in a new way. It’s time to turn that lens on ourselves. We care deeply about this issue and need to be the change. There is a lot of work to do in the design + architecture community. We stand in solidarity against racism, oppression,